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Our integrated software solution provides your event with a powerful security and communication tool including :


- Real-time monitoring of the position of all competitors and organizers on the water, and live virtual ranking

- A single system for geolocation, timing and rankings

- The provision of all this information to the organizers, in real time, whether on the PC screen at the PC Course or from a smartphone or tablet with a connection

- A possibility of access to all or part of its information for competitors, their assistance, spectators, the press, etc. wherever they are - GPS units suitable for boating (waterproof, autonomous, powered by solar energy) whose implementation is both simple and fast, with total coverage (GPRS + Iridium).


General view of the software home page with :


- The list of competitors and sail number classified by category

- Real-time display of the position of the competitors on the nautical chart (GPS coordinates, speed and instantaneous heading): tracking of boats etc ....


Complete view of the course materializing :


- The start and finish lines (fixed or real time)

- Course marks (fixed or real time)

- The position of the organizing teams in real time (committee boat, anchors, security, pointers, etc.)

- Prohibited areas

- Any other point of interest that is useful


View of the real time positioning (tracking / geolocation of boats etc ...) of each of the runners, GPS coordinates, speed in miles.


Classement assuré :
- soit par votre partenaire habituel qui récupère en automatique les
temps entegistrés dans notre Base De Données (en temps réel)
- soit directement par notre service classement.



- Acquisition and processing of virtual timing points for classifications (precision to 1 / 10th of a second)

- Unlimited number of timing points.


Guaranteed ranking


- with our virtual live ranking

- with your usual partner who automatically retrieves the times recorded in our Database (in real time)

- directly by our classification service



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